Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bombs over Iran! 4 trades for big profits

Original post date: August 22nd 2008
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In the last days you probably received the same email from Bryan Perry. Bryan is another [REMOVED] expert and editor of ChangeWave Tactical Trader, a $1.500/year newsletter.

In his message Mr. Perry wrote:

Fellow Investor,

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is on record as calling for Israel to be “wiped off the map.” That's not a breaking news...

He claims the Holocaust never happened. He denies Israel’s right to exist. And he consistently calls for that country’s destruction. That's not a breaking news either...

The guy’s an idiot. But he’s a dangerous idiot — one who may be just months away from controlling nuclear bombs as his personal playthings. Agree.

[... cut ...]

Let me show you how to profit

Most stocks and mutual funds will take a hit — that’s a given. But they will bounce back.

This isn’t Armageddon; it’s just another example — in a long, centuries-old list — of achieving peace through force. Iran will eventually concede, or they risk being wiped off the face of the earth.

No, this isn’t Armageddon — for investors, it’s merely a short-term trading opportunity to bank gains of 200% or more.

I have constructed a basket of four options trades that will rocket in the event of an attack. (And if Ahmadinejad suddenly comes to his senses, these trades will still likely return more-modest profits.)

These trades play off global instability — and there’s plenty of that. But an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities will immediately send them soaring.

I will issue these trades — with full buy instructions — at noon (Eastern) on Thursday to my ChangeWave Tactical Trader subscribers. You can be right at the head of the line by joining us now.

It sounds so juicy that I decided to check how well Mr. Perry is going with his current investments.
I got in touch with a friend and he sent me Mr. Perry's current portfolio. Wanna see it?

SymbolDescriptionReturn %Sell Stop
Symbol1U.S. Oil Fund Jan 100 Calls 4.08%None
Symbol2SPDR Gold Trust Jan 90 Calls 0.00%None
Symbol3Lockheed Martin Jan 125 Calls 11.11%None
Symbol4Wal-Mart Oct 60 Calls-7.33%None
Symbol5McDonald's Oct 62.50 Calls-9.43%None
Symbol6Nasdaq 100 Oct 47 Calls-17.89%None
Symbol7Illumina Sept 95 Calls1.89%None
Symbol8ACN Nov 40 Calls -36.11%None
Symbol9Market Vectors Coal ETF Oct 45 Calls-39.71%None
Symbol10Boeing Nov 75 Calls-86.89%None
Symbol11FLIR Systems Oct 35 Calls -49.32%None
Symbol12Honeywell Dec 55 Calls -72.83%None
SymbolDescriptionReturn %Sell Stop
Symbol13Northwest Airlines Dec 10 Puts6.25%None

Average portfolio performance is -22.78%. Bryan Perry will be with us again soon...


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