Sunday, September 28, 2008

Introducing Jeff Manera

Original Post Date: August 28 2008
Removed copyright content and reposted

How many experts [REMOVED] has... Jeff Manera is yet another one. And he just sent me a marketink spam to promote his services.

Fellow Investor,
Wall Street hates me, but I don’t care.
I don’t play their game anymore.
I answer only to my clients and they love me.
After all, they’re making money hand over fist, with big fast gains like these:
  • Suntech Power, UP 118% in 7 weeks
  • Agco Corp., UP 78% in 7 weeks
  • Embraer, UP 148% in 5 weeks
  • US Oil Fund, Up 105% in 6 weeks
  • Nissan, up 11% in 2 weeks

And that’s just since June 27th .
Not only that…
Thanks to me they ALSO bypassed the credit crunch, side-stepped the housing collapse, and dodged many other insider manipulated scams that have sent millions of investors to the poorhouse.
And their long-term profits have been nothing short of spectacular.

  • Sierra Wireless, 1,203% gains in 5 weeks
  • TASER, 433% gains in 4 weeks
  • Countrywide Financial, 283% in 12 weeks
  • BioMed, 188% gains in 3 weeks
  • Pfizer, 164% gains in 5 weeks

[... cut ...]

Try G3 Global OptionsRisk-Free for 90 Days
You don’t have to be a victim of the Wall Street machine any more.
Join me today and I guarantee you’ll grab minimum 50% gains in the next 90 days or your subscription is free.
When you consider that our top five winners have handed my readers average gains of 92% since June 28th—with our March picks in LDK Solar up 375% and Suntech Solar up 494%—you’d be foolish not to see the market beating advantage that My G3 Global Options system can bring you.
The best part:
I’ve set this up so that you can cancel on the 90th day of your trial and get every penny back. In this way the risk is all mine and the profits are all yours.
So what are you waiting for?You’ll find our newest profit-packed G3 trades waiting for you online along with a special discount offer for signing up today.
To try my G3 Global Options risk free for 90 days go here now.
Jeff Manera,
Editor, G3 Global Options
PS. If you’ve read this far, then I’ll bet you’re asking yourself, “What the heck does G3 stand for?
Let me tell you now.
It stands for “Get In, Get Out, & Get Rich!”
Frankly, that’s the same game the insiders play—grabbing obscene profits as the markets go UP and DOWN.

Amazing, isn't it?

So Jeff is probably the right guy to follow to invest. Or not?

Well, let's have a look at Jeff's current portfolio and let's see how well Jeff is performing.

  • OPTION1 is down -35.29%
  • OPTION2 is up 77.63%
  • OPTION3 is up 17.86%
  • OPTION4 is up 24.43%
  • OPTION5 is up 2.99%
  • OPTION6 is up 164.52%
  • OPTION7 is down -73.68%
  • OPTION8 is down -43.68%
  • OPTION9 is down -87.32%
  • OPTION10 is down -99.38%
  • OPTION11 is up 3.45%
  • OPTION12 is down -20.83%
  • OPTION13 is down -98.00%
  • OPTION14 is up 173.68%
  • OPTION15 is down -65.69%
  • OPTION16 is down -11.54%
  • OPTION17 is down -97.94%

On average, Jeff is down -9.93%.

Not much differenf from GameChangers or John Lansing...


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