Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Introducing John Dessauer

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Original post date was August 12th 2008

John Dessauer is another of the [REMOVED] experts and publisher of [REMOVED].

He sends his subscribers a monthly newsletter and a weelky hotline.

Today I want to share with you a couple of John's thoughts from last December about the Credit Crisis and the Top 10 stocks for 2008.

Mr. Dessauer said The Housing Market Will Recover for many reasons:

He said the subprime mortgage market is a very small slice of global capital, he said homebuyers are not all gullible fools, he said banks and other lenders are not greedy idiots, he said there is strong underlying demand for housing, he said there has been a major change in seller psychology, he said pessimists are wrong about adjustablerate mortgages, he said perceptions can change rapidly, he said the best correlation is between jobs and housing, he said outside help was on the way and he said the healing process also was well under way.

My Top 10 Stocks for 2008

Dec 31st 2007Aug 12th 2008P/L%

Average is -21%. I think John will be back with us on this blog soon...

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