Friday, October 10, 2008

Introducing John Lansing (and his performances)

Original post date: August 14th 2008
Removed copyright content and reposted

John lansing is yet another [REMOVED] expert.

Like his colleagues Louis Navellier, Robert Hsu, GameChangers and others, John sends a free newsletter that pushes recipients to subscribe to his paying service: Trending123.

One of his subscribers sent me John's portfolio: an example of what investors should not do.

Here it is. As you can notice, it is still worse than GameChangers .

StockPurchase PriceCurrent PriceG/L %
Stock 133.9622.69-33.19%
Stock 22.51.88-24.80%
Stock 37751.48-33.14%
Stock 442.8717.76-58.57%
Stock 532.2124.21-24.84%
Stock 68197.7514.63%
Stock 73538.8611.03%
Stock 825.517.75-30.39%
Stock 92.651.58-40.38%
Stock 107.042-71.59%
Stock 1124.15267.66%
Stock 1256.939.25-31.02%
Stock 13106.2782.6-22.27%
Stock 1419.515.99-18.00%
Stock 153432.36-4.82%
Stock 16(short)220176.2119.90%
Stock 174.51.84-59.11%
Stock 185316.32-69.21%
Stock 1926.4818.24-31.12%
Stock 2032.7523.4-28.55%
Stock 21106.0569.24-34.71%
Stock 22 (short)162135.6316.28%



Anonymous said...

A correction on the posted Trending123 portfolio: POT and X are current short positions, at 220 and 162, respectively.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for your comment. I fixed it.