Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Little Book That Makes You Rich

The Little Book That Makes You Rich: A Proven Market Beating Formula for Growth Investing is the book Mr. Louis Navellier wrote in 2007.

Here is the review a reader posted on Amazon:

This book won't make you rich. Neither Navellier's newsletters.
Investing in growth stocks (also called hot stocks) is risky. If there are excellent news then hot stocks rise. If there are bad news then hot stocks collapse. The fact is that when there are good (but not excellent) news then hot stocks may collapse (see Apple, from 200$ to 130$).
You can buy this book, but do not use it to invest real money. For real stuff then have a look at the little book of Value investing.
And, my opinion, do not subscribe to Navellier's newsletters. The best one - Global Growth - is down 25% in 4 months...
Do you want more examples: last October/November Mr. Navellier said "Strong Buy" on DRYS at 120$ (now 57$ -50%), GOOG at over 700$ (now 430$ -40%), BIDU at over 400$ (now 207$ -50%), EXM at 80$ (now 27$ -70%), YZC at 110$ (now 60$ -45%)... and the list is veeeery long.

It seems like this reader shares my opinion. Well, a friend me passed me the booklet. There are some interesting theories, but I strongly doubt they work...

There is also a companion website for the booklet: where you could register and access Mr. Navellier's Portfolio Grader Pro for free. The problem is that PGPro does not work...

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