Friday, October 24, 2008

Louis Navellier and EXM - Again

Original post date: August 15th 2008
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Only a few days ago I wrote about Louis Navellier and his Top 3 stocks of end-2007.

I am reporting here the latest news about EXM, Louis and his $5.000/year Quantum Growth service.

In his August 11th issue of Quantum Growth Mr. Navellier wrote his readers to sell EXM. So I went on my archive and looked for the corresponding buy EXM order.

It arrived in Louis' reaers' mailboxes on July 21st.

Excel Maritime Carriers (EXM) [REMOVED]. EXM is a great buy.

Price was $36.51

Buy below was $41.30

July 28th:

Excel Maritime Carriers (EXM) [REMOVED]. The stock consolidated slightly last week but remains a great buy.

Buy below was $38.64

August 4th:

Today, many commodity-related stocks like Excel Maritime (EXM) took a beating [REMOVED]. I expect these stocks will bounce back, [REMOVED].

Buy below was $32.56

August 11th: Sell EXM. Price was $34.69.

A modest 5% loss for Navellier and friends.

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