Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Louis Navellier and FEED

Original post date: August 22nd
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We are once more talking about $5.000/year Global Growth newsletter.

This time we will discuss the FEED case, starting from April 21st 2008, when FEED was trading at $19.03, at that time its highest price ever.

Well, I would never invest in a company that has on its home page the photo of a child kissing a pig (see picture below). And I would never buy food processed by such a company.

Words from Louis:
Company: AgFeed Industries Inc. (FEED)
Buy Below: $20.43
[removed] Due to the soaring pork prices and the shortage of pork in China, FEED is a great buy.

May 5th 2008
Buy below $22.54

you can see on the chart what happened to FEED.

FEED is still in Navellier's Global Growth portfolio. I will probably write more once Mr. Navellier closes his position. Yesterday it closed at $10.70.

The unrealized loss is now at some -43%.

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