Thursday, September 18, 2008

Louis Navellier and FSYS

Original post date was August 26th.
I removed the copyright content and reposted.

This is too much. I was browsing my old spam messages from InvestorPlace gurus when I found this message from Louis Navellier on June 22nd:

$32 Fuel Conversion Stock to Hit $64 by July 7th!‏

I had to open and read it. Here it is:

“All thanks to this company’s breakthrough fuel injection systems that convert $4-a-gallon gas guzzlers into 63-cent-a-gallon clean air machines.”
“Buy this one stock today and I guarantee you’ll thank me a thousand times on July 7th —or you won’t pay a dime.”

Fellow Investor,

There’s a fuel conversion revolution at hand, and there’s simply no stopping it.
The biggest profit taker of all will be a little known fuel conversion company that converts American gas guzzlers into clean burning compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles—in the time it takes to service your car.

Please add it to your holdings today.

[usual crap here]

Your Timing Is Perfect

[usual crap here]

And why I’m not telling my readers to expect…

A Double in the Next14 Days—Guaranteed

Here’s why:

[usual crap here]

If you are willing to invest in my recommendations, you will enjoy the benefits that my Quantum Growth system has brought to others and you will never invest any other way.
If you can’t take me up on my big profit guarantee TODAY, chances are you wouldn’t buy my recommendations anyway and I would be remiss in accepting you as a new reader.

That’s why you’ll have to make your decision today. The power of positive earnings momentum is accelerating earnings in our Quantum Growth stocks exponentially. So if you’re going to profit from these moves, NOW is the time. If you want to profit with us, then you must accept my money-back guarantee and savings offer today without hesitation. The action or non-action you take today will determine your future wealth.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Louis Navellier,
Quantum Growth

P.S. If you’ve read this far and decided not to grab my “Profit or Pay Nothing” risk-free trial, please remember this:
As great as the past 90 days has been for my fuel conversion stock, the big money will be made in the NEXT 14 days whether you own this winner or not.

The stock was FSYS. On June 20th it closed at $35.29.

The next trading day it closed at $39.45. Maybe on the tide of Navellier's spam.

$5.000/year paying [REMOVED] subscribers bought FSYS after June 9th issue at $30.80.

[REMOVED] Buy below limit for FSYS was $34.07.

After a series of increased buy below prices, on July 7th (the day on which FSYS was supposed to double according to Mr. Navellier) our friend Louis wrote two words: Sell FSYS.

Close price was $28.37 for a tiny 7% loss.

But this is not the end. On August 18yh Mr. Navellier told his $5.000/year paying subscribers to buy FSYS again:


Price was $55.35.

FSYS is currently trading at around $44.

Quick recap:

  1. Buy in June at $30.80
  2. Try to pump it forecasting 100% gain by July 7th
  3. Sell it on the same July 7th at $28.37 for a 7% loss
  4. Buy it again on August 18th at $55.35 (highest price since 2001) for a missed profit of 95%
  5. We will see what's next...

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Anonymous said...

This is the same thing Raymond James does with its select picks it pawns off on unsuspecting investors - they buy it low, then tell all their investors to buy and that runs the price up and then they sell - then repeat and repeat! Age old story.