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Louis Navellier and GEOY

Original post date: August 12th 2008
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Mr. Navellier did like GEOY really a lot. In fact he was pushing it in two of his newsletters: Emerging Growth and Quantum Growth.

I was asking myself which of these newsletter was the worse and GEOY might give us some indications.

Let's start from Emerging Growth

In March 2008 issue, with GEOY at around $32, Mr. Navellier wrote:
GeoEye (GEOY) provides satellite-related imagery and [REMOVED]. The stock is a great buy, [REMOVED]. GEOY is a good Conservative buy below $32.

March 14th: GeoEye (GEOY) pulled back and is a good buy.
March 21st: GeoEye (GEOY) pulled back and is a good buy.
March 28th: GeoEye (GEOY) pulled back and is a good buy.
April 2008 issue: buy below 29$
April 4th: GeoEye (GEOY) pulled back and is a good buy.

April 11th: GEOY was at $23.32
Question: Louis, I’m worried about the future of GEOY. Do you think it’s time to sell? I’d love to learn more about where you see this specific stock headed.
Answer: No, this is not yet the time to sell GeoEye (GEOY). [REMOVED].

May 2008 issue: buy below $27

May 9th: GEOY was at $18.93
Question: What's going on with GeoEye (GEOY)? I would love to hear any guidance you can offer on this stock.
Answer: GeoEye is an A-rated stock in PortfolioGrader Pro. [REMOVED]. If the stock does not recover within a couple of months, I am inclined to sell it in order to buy a better stock.

June 2008 issue: buy below $20

July 2008 issue: GEOY between $18 and $19
To maximize our returns as the reports come out, you should sell 10 of our stocks with grade of B or less in PortfolioGrader Pro. These stocks are [...] Geoeye (GEOY) [...]

Let's see now how well the more expensive Quantum Growth newsletter performed with GEOY

January 28th: $32.77
GeoEye Inc. (GEOY) provides satellite-collected Earth imagery and [REMOVED]. GEOY is a great buy.

February 4th: buy below $36.45
February 11th: sell GEOY. Price $32.04

And again...

March 24th: Price $28.06
No matter what the outcome of the election in November is, GeoEye’s business will not be impacted. Intelligence gathering via satellite is a very steady business. The stock is an excellent buy.

March 31st: buy below $27.19
April 7th: buy below $26.25
April 14th: buy below $24.15
April 21st: buy below $26.32
April 28th: buy below $24.51
May 5th: Sell GEOY - Price $22.04

After May 2008 GEOY stabilized and from June 2008 it begun to rise from around $16 to $24.

Performance Summary
-40% for Emerging Growth
-2% and -21% (compound -23%) for Quantum Growth
50% missed profit for both

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