Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Louis Navellier and GRMN

Original post date: August 21st 2008
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Mr. Navellier bought GRMN on July 2006 at $46.51. He then sold it on May 24th 2007, when he wrote his Blue Chip Growth June 2007 issue at $60.87 for a nice 30% gain.

He was so happy that he suggested to buy GRMN again on August 23rd 2007 at $101.30 with the following ridiculous words to justify the 60% missed profit he could have made in 2 months:

[Sorry guys, I had to remove this, but it was reallt hilarious. I just leave this: If you are looking for a stock that’s headed in the right direction, Garmin is the place to be, quite literally.]

Buy GRMN below $99.

In October 2007 he also put GRMN as number 1 of his Top5 Stocks and increased the buy below price (his subscribers should have had sold at this moment...).

1. Garmin (GRMN) [REMOVED] Buy GRMN below $115.

November 2007 issue: buy below $120

December 2007 issue: buy below $92

At that time a reader sent a question to Mr. Navellier (I am sure the reader's question is not copyright):
I am new to investing in markets, and have been slowly putting funds into your Blue Chip Growth Buy List. I have been concerned about Garmin and I know you have had a lot of inquiry on this stock. In your recent hotline you mentioned that the stock might be going “soft.” I do not know what that means. Could you please explain. Thanks! ~Reilly J.

Poor Reilly J...

I cannot report the answer from Louis Navellier, but I can tell you he said The stock is a great buy.

January 2008 issue: buy below $114

February 2008
Buy below $70.

March 2008 issue: buy below $75

Ready for the April issue?

April 2008 issue: edited March 17th: GRMN closed at $53.76 on March 16th.
This month, it’s time to sell [REMOVED], Garmin (GRMN), [REMOVED]

Did anybody buy in October 2007?

Let's recap now:

  1. Louis made a 30% profit from July 2006 to May 2007
  2. He missed a 66% profit from May to July 2007
  3. He made a loss of 47% between July 2007 and March 2008.

Without counting the missed profit, from July 2006 to March 2008 GRMN brought Mr. Navellier a 31% loss.

And people incredibly pay him to read his advices...

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