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Louis navellier and Mechel (MTL)

Original post date: August 6th 2008
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The great MTL ride of Louis Navellier begins on October 29 2007 when he and his paying subscribers of Global Growth bought it for an adjusted price of $28.87.

MTL was gaining since 2nd half of 2006 and after Navellier's purchase date it continued to climb.

Between April and June 2008 it traded above $50 (price adjusted for the 3:1 split of May 2008) gaining 70% for Navellier & C.
Here is what Mr. Navellier was telling his paying readers in his $5.000/year Global Growth newsletter (in parenthesis you see the price of that day):
  • 05/27/08 – Top 3 Stocks: MTL is booming. (51$)
  • 06/02/08 – Top 3 Stocks: Mechel rose 17% last week (and 78% for the year so far). (56$) A quick note here: on Dec. 31 MTL was $32.38 and on June 2nd it was $55.93. Now, 55.93 divided by 32.38 minus 1 equals 73% and not 78%. Just for sake of accuracy.
  • 06/09/08 – Top 3 Stocks: Mechel's annual dividend will be about $1.12 per ADR. (53$)
  • 06/16/08 – Top 3 Stocks: MTL still performing well. (51$)
  • 06/23/08 – Top 3 Stocks: Mechel still going strong. (50$)
  • 06/30/08 – Top 3 Stocks: MTL to offer 11.67% of share base in a deal that could raise $2.74 billion. (50$)
  • 07/07/08 – Top 3 Stocks: MTL still a steel powerhouse. (44$)
  • 07/14/08 – Top 3 Stocks: MTL jumps 5% on strong quarterly report. (46$)
  • 07/21/08 – Top 3: MTL is exactly the type of stock we want to own. (40$)
In his Global Growth newsletter issues of 07/28 and 08/04 Mr. Navellier finally decided to close his positions in MTL.
MTL has sunk like a brik in the last weeks. It now has a PE of around 6.
MTL was 57$ at the beginning of June and a serious investor would have set a stop BEFORE losing 60% in 2 months. Yesterday MTL closed at $18.30 (worst since Oct 1st 2007 and much worse than the $28.87 payed for it almost one year ago).

Loss for $5.000/year Global Growth subscribers was 36%

But Mr. Navellier also pushed his $5.000/year Quantum Growth subscribers to buy and sell MTL. In fact he told his $5.000 paying subscribers to buy MTL on Sept 10th 2007 at around $14.77 and sell it on October 8th at around $19.83. I do hope his paying subscribers did not follow his sell advice, because MTL went up close to $30 by end of October 2007.

Missed profit was 50% in a few weeks

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