Saturday, October 4, 2008

Louis Navellier and VIP

Original post date: August 20th 2008
Removed copyright content and reposted

Louis Navellier and his [REMOVED] subscribers lost a good opportunity to cash a 100% gain on VIP last year.

In his June 2007 issue (edited on May 24th 2007) Mr. Navellier wrote:

Vimpel Communications (VIP)
[REMOVED] Buy this Moderate stock below $108 ($21.6 split adjusted).

The next months he started raising the buy below limit as usual.

July 2007 issue
Buy below $114 ($22.8 split adjusted)

August 2007 issue
Buy below $120 ($24 split adjusted)

September 2007 issue
Buy below $107 ($21.4 split adjusted)

October 2007 issue
Buy below $29

November 2007 issue
Buy below $31

December 2007 issue
Russia’s Vimpel Communications (VIP) is up more than 49% since June 2007 (what about selling or setting a stop Louis?)
Buy below $32

January 2008 issue
Buy below $42 (DID ANYBODY BUY HERE???)

February 2008 issue
Vimpel Communications (VIP) should continue to fare well regardless of the U.S. economy.
Buy below $37

March 2008 issue
Buy below $41

April 2008 issue
Buy below $35

May 2008 issue
Buy below $35

June 2008 issue
Buy below $38

July 2008 issue
Buy below $35

August 2008 issue
Buy below $30

September 2008 issue
Buy below $28

Yesterday, August 19th 2008, VIP closed at $22.47. Mr. Navellier is up 12% in 15 months.
He could have sold at $40 at the end of December 2007 and gain 100% in 7 months.

Are your readers happy, Louis? What about those ho bought VIP over $40 and are now sitting on a 50% loss?


Anonymous said...

When you invest, you should be accountable for your own decision. Thousands of commentators make calls each year, very few of them take the risk to gamble, or invest.

Anonymous said...

But these guys should not say "I want you to buy" or "This is a great buy below"...