Sunday, August 24, 2008

A quick note on Louis Navellier and SOLF

A reader (Mr. SIngh The Bus Driver) left a comment on a previous post: Louis Navellier and AIXG.

"SOLF u didn't post his 50% gain almost u have to give him credit when he deserves"

First of all I thank my reader, I appreciate comments, and I hope he will continue to read my blog.

Then, it is true. SOLF was at $15 when Mr. Navellier sent out his marketing newsletter. He was writing: It is a $15 stock and it possesses a trigger that is about to shoot it to $30...and beyond...possibly back to $40, where it was just 7 months ago...

I am tracking SOLF and I haven't written about it yet for 2 reasons:
  • Earnings will be reported on August 27th. We will see what happens after that date. But more important

  • We need to see when Mr. Navellier will close his position with SOLF. Take as an example PCU where he made a 70% gain in two years. It seems an excellent return. Nevertheless this is an unacceptable performance for a paying service, since gain was at 200% months before Mr. Navellier decided to close his position. He was saying Buy at $44 a few months before selling at $23. See the whole post for details.
I promise I will write again about SOLF, either if it "shoots to $30 and beyond" or if it retreats.

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