Monday, September 29, 2008

Robert Hsu and EJ

Original post date: August 12th 2008
Removed copyright content and reposted

E-House (EJ) is another of Robert Hsu's great successes.

On October 4th 2007 Mr. Hsu wrote to his China Profit Strategy readers:
[REMOVED] Buy EJ under $25.

He continued for several weeks to say "Buy EJ under $25" and in January 2008 he was so confident that he raised the buy below price to $28.

Somebody may have listened to him and bought EJ close to $28 on January 10th to 14th.

After Mr. Hsu rises the buy below price it is time for bad things to happen... and EJ is no exception.

From mid January to mid March EJ went down to less than $11: a historic bottom.

Mr. Hsu continued to say E-House is a good buy under $20.

This summer Mr. Hsu started to say to hold EJ.

Now EJ is traded at a single digit price (some $9.50) for a loss ranging between -62% and -66%.

UPDATE: September 26th 2008
EJ closed at $7.91. For those who bought it at $28 it means a loss of 70% (SEVENTY).


JadisOne said...

After reading through your site, I am so glad that I never wasted my money with those guys. I'm going through and unsubscribing from all their email marketing "newsletters."

These guys don't practice any kind of loss prevention (capital preservation) in the event a trade goes against them.

Sad and pathetic. I feel sorry for those who continue to lose huge chunks of money listening to their advice.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for your comment.

You are absolutely right. But you could keep your subscriptions and notify me of ready-to-double stocks so that I can add them to this blog.

Cheers and please come back again.