Saturday, October 18, 2008

Robert Hsu and LVS

Original post date: August 27th 2008
Removed copyright content and reposted

On February 16th 2006 Mr. Hsu wrote to his China Profit Strategy subscribers to buy Las Vegas Sands (LVS):

[REMOVED]. I want you to buy LVS on dips below $50. I'm targeting 50% gains over the next 18 months.

Close price on that day was $53.71. If you look at the price after 18 months it was $92.32. A +71%.

But what happened to China Profit Strategy subscribers?

They bought LVS for around $53 in February 2006.

Mr. Hsu did not wait 18 months and in his June 2007 issue of China Profit Strategy (edited on May 22nd 2007) he wrote:

[REMOVED] I want you to sell LVS and lock in the 60% profits [REMOVED]

Having a look at the chart I imagine his subscribers shouldn't have been too happy.

I can see at least two categories of Mr. Hsu subscribers:
  1. Those who bought LVM on February 2006 and cashed a 50%-60% profit in May 2007. I think these should not be too happy because waiting 4 more months would have made possible for them to sell at $140 for a 160% gain.
  2. Those who did not buy in February 2006 but rather between January and May 2007 made a loss of 20%. In fact:
    On May 3rd Mr Hsu was writing: Buy LVS under $105.
    Again on May 10th: Buy LVS under $105.


Anonymous said...

Can you clarify? Are you saying that Hsu removed something from his letter after the fact?

Anonymous said...

On the original post I put some copyright content and the guys at InvestorPlace got upset.
So I removed the reference to copyright content and reposted...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarifying. Seems like they would do better worrying about their own house rather than bother you with copyright issues. Perhaps you can post some of their correspondence to you. Would be interesting to see.

Anonymous said...

Gee, too bad Robert Hsu didn't send out a Flash Alert to suggest we buy LVS yesterday. Ah well...perhaps he did for Asia Edge subscribers.

Anonymous said...

He did not