Saturday, October 11, 2008

To BIDU or not to BIDU?

Original post date: August 29th 2008
Removed copyright content and reposted

If you subscribed to Mr. Navelliers free "What's Working on Wall Street Now" newsletter you should have received the latest issue in these days.

Mr. Navellier praises himself for his great Global Growth trade on DRYS (maybe forgetting his Quantum Growth trade on DRYS itself or his Global Growth Top Three Stocks of end 2007) and pushes to subscribe to Global Growth at a 50% discount.

At the end of the message Mr. Navellier writes:
  • (SOHU) Strong Buy
  • (BIDU) Strong Buy
  • New Oriental Edu. (EDU) Strong Buy
  • CNOOC (CEO) Buy

The fact is that last Monday Mr. Navellier told his Global Growth subscribers to sell BIDU.

I imagine his readers listening their guru saying Sell BIDU on Monday and Strong Buy BIDU on Friday...

To BIDU or not to BIDU?

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