Monday, October 6, 2008

GameChangers and GIGM

Original post date: August 6th 2008
Removed copyright content and reposted

GameChangers is another of [removed] newsletters.
From time to time I get GameChangers email messages promising huge gains like the 7 reasons why Apple will double by 2009 (still don't know if by beginning of 2009 or end of 2009 though).
Well, in the April 2008 issue (written sometime in March 2008) GameChanger wrote:

GigaMedia (NASDAQ: GIGM) is the GameChanger [REMOVED]

Either way, we win. Buy GIGM under $22 for a move to at least $32 this year.

I heard somewhere else about the GIGM 30-35% yearly growth (Mr. Navellier are you there?).

In these days GIGM is trading between $11 and $12. Quite far from the buy under $22 and much much far from the $32 GameChangers was promising.
It is true that the year is not at his end yet.
We will see GameChangers.


Anonymous said...

Attacking a person who has recently died is not only in incredibly poor taste, it's also cruel. Is it really necessary to criticize people who can't answer your arguments? I hope for Mr. Yared's family's sake you remove these disgusting posts.

Anonymous said...

Some posts were writtent weeks or months ago then scheduled. I removed the name. Is it ok if I write GameChangers?

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