Monday, September 29, 2008

GameChangers and SGR

Original post date: September 4th 2008
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After a couple of weeks since last article it is time to talk again about GameChangers investing service.
On his March 2008 issue, GameChangers bought SGR at $62.91 and wrote:

GameChangers told his subscribers to buy SGR under $68 with an initial price target of $88 by the end of the year.

GameChangers has two things in common with his colleague Mr. Robert Hsu: he likes to provide random forecast and he does not like stop loss orders.

In fact, although SGR lost 20% in less than one month GameChangers continued to keep it in his portfolio and to tell his paying readers to buy it.

SGR finally went back to $65 in June 2008 and I hope his subscribers sold at that time (and cancelled their subscription to [REMOVED]).

But GameChangers was so convinced about SGR to write:

April 2008 issue
Buy below $68

June 2008 issue
Buy below $68

July 2008 issue
Buy SGR under $68. We’ll target $90.

August 2008 issue
Buy below $68.

September 2008 issue
Buy SGR under $68.

As you can see in the chart SGR is quite far from $90. At this moment it is trading at $41.90, some 33% loss from buy price and more than 50% less than target...


On September 26th SGR is even lower. It closed at $32.65, that is a loss of around 48%.


On October 3rd SGR closed at $22.77 (63% loss - and counting...).

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