Wednesday, September 24, 2008

History: Robert Hsu and ADM

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On his first issue of his $3.000/year [REMOVED], written on May 4th 2006, Robert Hsu started his new service with a buy: Archer Daniels Midland (NYSE: ADM).

He was writing about it:


Buy ADM under $45. I'm looking for at least $60 within the next three months....

On May 4th 2006 ADM closed at $40.00. And Mr. Hsu was expecting $60 by beginning of August 2006.

After pumping ADM (buy below $40-$45) for months, on October 11th 2006 Mr. Hsu decided it was time to sell ADM. At a close price of $36.66.


Sell ADM. He also wrote it was tiem to take profit...


I don't understand what profit Mr. Hsu was talking about, since he bought at $40 and sold at $36.66.

To me, this is a "profit" of -8%.

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