Wednesday, October 1, 2008

History: Robert Hsu and COGO

Original post date September 8th 2008
Removed copyright content and reposted

On his second issue of his $3.000/year Asia Pacific Edge, on May 12th 2006, Mr. Robert Hsu told his paying subscribers to buy COGO, writing sentences like:



COGO [REMOVED] more than doubling from $6 to $13. [REMOVED] That's exactly the kind of operational performance I was looking for. [I COULD NOT REMOVE THAT...]


Buy COGO under $15 now for another 33% run to $20 in 3 months.

Buy price was around $13.78

Let's see now what Mr. Hsu was saying the following weeks, until he decided to sell on July 12th 2006. And we will also see what happened next...

May 17th - close price $13.18

Continue to buy COGO under $15.

May 24th - close price $14.28

Buy COGO under $15 for a run to $20 when market conditions stabilize.

May 31st - close price $15.72

Buy COGO on dips under $15 for a move to at least $20 in three months.

June 7th - close price $13.52


[REMOVED] COGO is an attractive buy up to $15.

June 14th - close price $11.70


Hold COGO for now due to current market conditions.

June 21st - close price $11.24

Continue to hold COGO.

June 28th - close price $10.97


Hold COGO in current market conditions.

July 5th - close price $10.89


Continue to hold COGO until we see stronger momentum, which I expect to be anytime now.

July 12th - close price $10.84

Take advantage of today's 6% bounce and sell COGO.

A loss of 21% for Mr. Hsu and his $3.000/year subscribers on this round.

But what happened next? What if you bought when Mr. Hsu was saying "SELL"?

If you bought at $10.84 on July 12th, when Mr. Hsu was saying "SELL" you would have done a 66% gain in 5 months...

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