Monday, September 29, 2008

History: Robert Hsu and JOBS

Original post date: September 13th 2008
Removed Copyrigh Content and Reposted

Once upon a time Mr. Robert Hsu decided it was time for his Asia Edge $3.000/year subscribers to buy 51job Inc. (JOBS).

JOBS moved from less than $15 in March 2006 to over $30 on mid May 2006 (2 months - 100%) and Mr. Hsu decided it was the right moment to get in.

New Buy: 51job


Mr. Hsu wrote to buy JOBS on dips under $28.

He was looking for a move to $40 in the following three months.

JOBS dipped under $28, and it dipped so well that it went to $20 between June and July 2006.

On July 5th 2006 Mr. Hsu decided to sell JOBS.


Only a modest -13% this time for Mr. Hsu.

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