Tuesday, September 30, 2008

John Lansing and CROX

Not much to tell about Mr. John Lansing and his trade with CROX.

Mr. Lansing bought CROX onFebruary 7th 2008, after it went from over $70 to $32. He actually bought it at $32.

But CROX, as you know and how Mr. Navellier and GameChangers should know, did not bounce back to $70. CROX continued to sink like a stone.

In February it went under $30 and a savvy investor would have tought "maybe I was wrong, the market is going in a different way, I should close my position and take my 10% loss".

Not John Lansing (your guide to sudden profits). He was so sure CROX had to rebound that he hold on his position with CROX at $25. And even with CROX at $20.

When CROX reached $10 in April that was still not enough for the guide to sudden profits.

He only decided to sell on June 26th 2008 at a price of $8.40.

Than makes a loss of -$23.60 per share, or -73.75%.

Those who followed John Lansing with CROX saw a $10.000 investment become $2.625 in just 4 months.

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