Wednesday, September 24, 2008

John Lansing gets rid of dogs

Origial post date: September 12th 2008
Removed copyright information (closed positions are no secret) and reposted

As we saw, Mr. John Lansing portfolio was suffering recently.

On August 14th it was losing some 24%. On August 23rd it was down 23%. The 1st of September it was down 24% in stocks and 53% in options.

Between September 5th and September 9th Mr. Lansing finally decided to sell some of his dogs.

Stock Buy Date Buy Price Sell Date Sell Price G/L %
MICC 03/12/08$106.2709/09/08$74.50-29.90%
JNPR 01/22/08$24.1509/09/08$25.405.18%
CIEN 12/11/07$42.8709/09/08$12.30-71.31%
CHA 02/15/08$75.9009/09/08$46.50-38.74%
AKAM 02/11/08$33.9609/09/08$19.10-43.76%
MRVL 07/20/07$19.5009/09/08$12.00-38.46%
VMC 07/02/07$105.0509/09/08$79.24-24.57%
GLNG 11/07/07$25.0009/09/08$14.50-42.00%
CSCO 09/20/07$32.2109/09/08$23.52-26.98%
ZOLL 08/19/08$32.9109/09/08$37.4013.64%
FLIR 11/05/07$35.0009/08/08$35.200.57%
SNDK 09/07/07$53.0009/05/08$17.25-67.45%

Average performance of these 12 trades is -30%.

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