Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Latest Emerging Growth Performance

Original post date: September 2nd 2008
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On his September 2008 issue of Emerging Growth (PDF edited on Aug 29th 2008) Mr. Navellier told his subscribers he had 6 new sells.

We have six sells this month: Credicorp (BAP), Exponent(EXPO), FMC Technologies (FTI), Gamestop (GME), Graftech (GTI) and TBS International (TBSI). Like the last batch, there are some big winners to help generate money for our new buys.

Mr. Navellier & C. bought BAP on March 2008 at $74.33. BAP went over $80 in May and in June issue Mr. Navellier was writing "BuyBelow $87".
Selling last Friday at around $70.33 would have generated a loss of 5% to 12% (depending on the buy date: March or May 2008).

Still in March 2008 Mr. Navellier & C. bought EXPO at $29.10. On April itwent over $35 (+20%) and Mr. Navellier was writing "Buy Below $87".
August 29th price was $30.76 and Emerging Growth performance was +5% to -12%.

FTI returned a good 81% to those who bought it on September 2006 at $29.58. Those who followed Mr. Navellier's "buy below $84" in June 2008 lost 30% in 3 months.

GME was at $39.55 when Mr. Navellier bought it in August 2007. In May2008 he wrote "buy below $63". He sold it last friday at $43.87 for a 10% gain, while those who bought GME at $60 lost 26%.

GTI was added to Mr. Navellier portfolio on June2007 at $15.02. It was $20.32 when Mr. N. sold it last Friday. And it was over $25 when he was saying "buy below $30". +35% for Mr. N. and -18% to 35% for his followers.

Finally, TBSI was bought in June 2008 at $45.92 (buy below $58) to sell on August 29th at $28.91: -37% for all.

So, depending on the entry time, but always according to Mr. Navellier's buy below prices, the average performance could have been -14% to 14%.

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