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Latest Spam from Louis Navellier

Original post date was September 12th 2008
I removed any copyright information and reposted.
The content of Mr. Navellier's email is public spam he sent to millions of people.

I am sure you got it!

I am talking about latest Navellier's spam.

Here it is:

I get asked this a lot these days.

“Louis, what’s the best play on the election?”

This would be easy if I knew who would win in November, but I don’t need to guess. You see, I’ve found a stock that both candidates are likely to love and may even actively support—with your tax dollars.

I’ve even written the campaign speech that either Senator McCain or Obama could deliver. Whichever candidate does it first will get elected by a landslide.

Here it is:

My fellow Americans. Elect me and I will double, no I will triple
the miles you get to the gallon in the car or truck you currently own. (Applause)

Elect me and every car will get at least 40 miles per gallon, just
with one simple modification, the cost of which my government
will subsidize! (Hearty applause)

Elect me and I will cut carbon emissions by 25% in a single stroke!!
(Loud applause)

Elect me, my fellow Americans, and I will drop your fuel costs from $3.75 a gallon at the pump to $1.90 or less!!! (Wild applause)

I bet that would work, don’t you?

But Is It True?

Here’s the most astonishing part of this: it is not another Washington lie! It is all perfectly true.

Not only that, but if you invest in the tiny California company that does all this, you’ll make so much money…

…Congress will name a
windfall tax after you!

And that’s why I’m writing to you today.

You see, if you do nothing else, just buy this ONE stock.

Buy it today.

And lock up hefty gains by the time our next president gives his Inauguration Address to the nation!

How can I be so sure?

The Key To Fort Knox

The secret to stocks that can soar, 1,000%, 7,000%, 25,000% or more is stunningly simple.

They solve a problem.

Our job (not yours, don’t worry: I’ve got nearly 50 analysts running monster computers to do this for you), our job is to find companies that solve an urgent problem.

It also helps if the company is small enough to fly under Wall Street’s radar.

Already Up 481% in 5 months
—and a second huge dollop of profits right ahead

How many stocks in your portfolio have risen 480% in the last 5 months?

Think about it. If you had popped $50,000 into this tiny California innovator in March, your stake would be worth nearly $250,000 today.

Here’s the thing, though:

You can still do it.
In the SAME stock.
Just faster!

I’ve already told you what this tiny California company does.

Is it any wonder that the stock’s up 480% in 5 months?

Or that T. Boone Pickens has a stake?
Or that companies that run fleets of trucks are standing in line to convert to this system?
Or that GM and Ford want to provide the company’s aftermarket conversion kits?

Is it any wonder that the stock gapped up almost 29% recently in a SINGLE SESSION?

But This Is Just The Start…

…of a truly monster run. The Emerging Growth Buy List is up 42,000% and the reason is: 480% gains in a small innovative stock are often just the appetizer served before the main course.

You Can’t Argue With Success

Companies That Solve Problems:
42,000% Profits

ProfitHeld For…
4 Kids Entertainment786%18 months
Algenix303%6 months
Arm Holdings447%10 months
Broadvision480%7 months
Qlt Phototherap401%15 months
Valuevision Int’l347%14 months
Elcom Int’l407%4 months
Gemstar Int’l681%18 months
Macrovision588%17 months
Optical Coating1,579%14 months
Actv847%13 months
Unity525%14 months
Co2 Net 963%15 months
RFMicro529%13 months
Microstrategy306%3 months
Netegrity545%15 months
Price Comm416%23 months
Qualcomm334%12 months
Vialine439%15 months
Netoptix749%7 months
Emulex380%16 months
Applied Micro612%13 months
Trequint Semi333%13 months
California Hmp494%14 months
Photon Dynam971%20 months
Customtracks397%8 months
Transwitch303%13 months
Transwitch303%13 months
Best Buy794%21 months
AOL359%14 months
American Eagle382%18 months
Tyson Foods790%38 months
SafeCard Services580%32 months
Godfrey459%37 months
Puritan Bennett344%21 months
Dress Barn321%27 months
Envirodyne1,704%45 months
LA Gear820%24 months
ECI Telecom470%7 months
Sci-Med Life Systems 782%7 months
Telephones de Mexico420%22 months
Medical Care International317%28 months
Scitex343%18 months
Healthcare Company532%21 months
Ross Cosmetic Distribution 504%11 months
Ndc Automation315%7 months
Media Logic Inc378%13 months
Vystar Group309%8 month
Sage Alerting Syste 496%12 months
American Colloid310%15 months
Audiovox Corp439%14 months
Newbridge Network374%14 months
Glenayre Tech688%22 months
Three-five Systems656%23 months
Tellabs Inc55%20 months
Colonial Data556%24 months
Ii-Vi Inc336%14 months
Cmg Inform Ser395%6 months
Wireless Telec835%19 months
Computer Tele1,180%20 months
Greenwich Air419%9 months
Rcm Tech438%3 months
Iomega Corp342%19 months
Greenwich Air336%13 months
Ascend Comm593%17 months
Biovail Corp427%18 months
Corrections Cor411%27 months
Employee Solutions309%13 months
Chesapeake En658%28 months
Jones Medical353%15 months
Mail-Well Inc358%13 months
Col Teleco742%17 months
Mindspring661%18 months
Amazon.com336%12 months
CMGI1,229%15 months

And so it is with this stock.

Exactly 30 days ago, the company reported second quarter results.

Revenue rose 50%.
Earnings rose 10-fold.
Earnings per share when a non-cash impairment charge is deducted are almost 20 TIMES HIGHER than the same quarter last year.
Gross profit margin is up 70%
And cash on hand nearly doubled

Technically, this was what they call a blowout.

Even better, though, was the guidance, which was raised very significantly.

Meanwhile not a single insider has sold—in spite of a tempting 480% profit in the last 5 months. Clearly, THEY believe there’s much more to come!

Like what?


Interestingly, the company is doing massive business in Australia: sales of conversion kits tripled when the government offered $1,800 grants for each vehicle conversion in order to promote cleaner air standards.

California is studying the Aussie model.

And BOTH Senators Obama and McCain AND Congress agree that city bus systems and local delivery fleets must be encouraged to convert to our company’s fuel system.

So it is no wonder that insiders are positively clinging to their stock!

It is no wonder that ANOTHER 100%...even another in the cards.

But THIS TIME, we could make it even quicker!

You Know You Want This

I know you’re tired of no-growth investing, yo-yo markets, pitiful returns.

I know you yearn for growth and we BOTH know that opportunities like this one just keep sailing by, leaving you stranded.

I know you want tenbaggers—because they can make life-changing differences.

Get It Today

Then join us here at Emerging Growth. We find innovators. Hansen Natural, identified early by our system, was up 9,400%. In 5 years, 10,000 shares of Hansen, bought for $40,000, were worth $3,800,000.

And that was no fluke. Dell, Google, True Religion, Intercontinental Exchange, Guess? Inc., Autodesk, America Movil, Precision Castparts weren’t flukes, either.

But they were once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. And there’s only one place you could have found them: Emerging Growth.

Join us today and you’ll never miss out on these opportunities again.

I’ll Take The Risk
You Take The Profit

A year of Emerging Growth regularly costs $995 but I don’t want you to pay anything like that much. Today only, I am allowing just a few investors in for a 60 day trial of just $295.

That’s right: Try Emerging Growth for just $295. See for yourself how you can make 100%...or even 480% profits by Inauguration Day!

Then and only then, when you’ve seen for yourself what Emerging Growth can do for you, decide. If I underperform your expectations…or fail to keep your portfolio safe…or for any reason whatsoever within your first 60 days, get your original subscription fee back IN FULL, with no ifs, ands, or buts.

So you see, the risk is all mine. I don’t want you to subscribe to Emerging Growth as a leap of faith. Let me take the risk.

This is a never-before offered, once-in-a-lifetime offer. Your last chance!

Don’t put this off.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Louis Navellier,
Editor Emerging Growth
“#1 for 20 years, 1985-2005”

P.S. LAST CHANCE. Grab this best-offer-ever TODAY. The fuel-economy company that the next President (whoever it is!) will love is up 480% in the last 5 months, yet not a single insider has sold. That’s because the best is yet to come! Join us now and make your next 100%...even 480% profit…even quicker! Go here now.

The stock Mr. Navellier writes about is: FSYS.


From March to August 2008 FSYS moved from $10 to almost $60. But the fact is that Mr. Navellier did not have FSYS in his portfolios at that time. Once more he is praising himself for a gain he missed.

He added FSYS to his Emerging Growth portfolio in his September 2008 issue, after the 480% rally (and at FSYS highest price since 2001):


Buy price for Mr. Navellier was $51.83 and Buy Below Price was $64.

But FSYS is also in the $5.000/year [REMOVED] portfolio. If you are a blog reader you might remember a post about it.
Basically, Mr. Navellier spammed the world promising a double by July 7th 2008, realized a 7% loss on the same day and bought FSYS again on August 18th for a 95% missed profit.

You can see all the details here.


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