Monday, September 29, 2008

Louis Navellier and FSYS. Again. And again.

Just a quick note this time. I just got another copy of Navellier's spam pushing FSYS.

He is saying that FSYS gained 481% in the last 5 months (actually from March to August) and it will do it again.

For now what we can say is that:
  1. Mr. Navellier did not have FSYS in his portfolio during this 481% rally, but he bought it after
  2. When he says "Is it any wonder that the stock gapped up almost 29% recently in a SINGLE SESSION?" he refers to August 8th. Not very recent. Then if this was not wonder to him, why didn't he buy it before this 29% jump?

We will see what FSYS is going to do and will report again on it.


I just posted this and FSYS opened with a -7%...

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