Sunday, October 12, 2008

Louis Navellier and SPSS

Original post date: September 2nd 2008
Removed copyright content and reposted

$5.000/year Quantum Growth customers received the following advice on March 24th 2008: Buy SPSS


SPSS was around $40, only 10% below its all time highest. And when one buys close to an all time high things usually do not go well.

March 31st 2008
Buy below $40.40

April 7th 2008
Buy below $42.25

April 14th 2008
Buy below $41.40

April 21st 2008
Buy below $43.17

April 28th 2008
Buy below $43.17

May 5th 2008
SPSS Inc. (SPSS) [REMOVED]. SPSS continues to be a great buy.
Buy below $42.95

May 12th 2008
Buy below $42.58

May 19th 2008

Only a little loss of -2.5% this time. Not too bad compared to other times...

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