Friday, September 26, 2008

New spam from louis Navellier

This time I thought Mr. Navellier wanted to give me some money to shut this blog down.

Yesterday I found a message in my mailbox titled "Private Message from Louis Navellier‏". When I opened it there was no money offered to do not disclose his failures but there was a money request to subscribe to his Quantum Growth newsletter.

I think I can post here the content of the message, althogh the first line says "PERSONAL and CONFIDENTIAL".

But how can it be personal if it is not addressed to me but to a generic Fellow Investor?

So here is the message:


Fellow Investor:
I’ve sent you this private message because the last thing I want to do is spark a bigger sell-off.

Very private message. I am sure I am the only one who got it

You see, if Wall Street knew that I was telling my readers to move into commodities in tonight’s issue of Quantum Growth, I’m afraid we could see another 504-point, 450-point or 372-point sell-off.
As you can see from Congress’ failure to act decisively, the Paulson plan is no magic bullet.
That’s why if you can add my newest recommendations to your holdings now, THIS VERY MOMENT—you’ll not only bypass the next collapse but could see your assets rise 20% to 25% in the weeks ahead—just as we did last week with 10 of our stocks gaining 20% each—as more banks fail and the market caves in again.
Full details in tonight’s issue.

You Must Act Fast
Louis Navellier here, and if you believe that the Fed’s $700 billion plan to rescue the banking system is going to prevent another bank failure, I have a few shares of Lehman Brothers I’d like to sell you.

I am sure he still has Lehman shares...

Well, let's start.
  1. Yesterday night there was no issue of Quantum Growth, nor two days ago, nor three days ago. latest issue is from Monday 22nd September. So, I suppose the message had to be sent last Monday and not yesterday (Thursday). Mr. N., what is your marketing department doing?
  2. Are there really 10 stocks that gained 20% in the previous week? I mean September 15th to September 22nd? I checked and the stocks that gained over 20% in that week were NOT 10. They were 2. OXY, that he sold on September 22nd for a nice gain, and anothe one, that although a 25% gain in that week is still 10% below the buy price.

I also quicky checked the week between September 18th and 25th but I haven't found the 10 stocks that gained 20% each...

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