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New Spam From Louis

Original post date was September 8th 2008
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On Sunday, Sepember 7th 2008 I received the usual spam from Mr. Navellier. This time it is very interesting because Mr. Navellier writes about a huge 22% gain in one day that is one month ago and for a stock he did not own at that time.
I am sure many of you got the same message, but for those who missed it, here it is:

The Quantum Growth top healthcare stock popped 22% in one Friday session—just as we expected.
  • Revenue growth was an eye-popping 44%. A 29% surprise.
  • Earnings per share were up 800%. A 79% surprise!
And a small $12 heart pump stock became a $26 heart pump stock, almost overnight.
What’s going on—and how can you profit?
  • Healthcare is hot. The reason: value is excellent. From oil to drilling to shipping to food and fertilizers, what was cheap is now expensive. In the meantime, Cinderella stocks like Medtronic and Johnson & Johnson have increased dividends by 50%, ramped up earnings AND guided higher. By late June, Wall Street started noticing.

  • Healthcare is the centerpiece of both parties’ Fall campaigns. It’s clear that no matter what, free markets will prevail. Obama won’t “do a Hillary.” Both candidates talk about getting better care to where it’s needed, not punishing healthcare companies for turning a buck.

  • Medical devices are especially in favor now because they almost never create un-foreseen side effects and because they set up a reliable stream of royalty income. The market thirsts for this type of certainty now.

  • Windfall buyouts: small medical companies are Big Pharma’s favorite treats. They gobble up the little guys at a fat premium—creating a wonderful windfall for investors. Big Pharma’s using bags of cash to buy small medical device companies at knock-down prices.

  • Add to all this: demographics, global demand and big R&D payoffs being especially rich in the small device area.

  • In August, medical devices as a group broke free of the market—soaring 7% while the market slumped 1%. We’re at a breakout for the group.

  • On an individual stock level, IDEXX Laboratories, maker of diagnostic equipment is typical: since mid-summer the stock is up 12% and it’s cruising to beat it’s all-time high.

  • But as good as the sector is, and as solid as IDEXX looks, I’ve found THE BEST medical devices company around, with a stock that’s just BEGGING to soar 87% in the next 90 days.

The New Heart Pump

The company won approval for its new heart pump in April but here at Quantum Growth we decided to wait. We wanted to see if hospitals would adopt the new pump.
Now we know, the news is good, and the pumps are flying off the shelf. What’s more, business is especially strong in Europe.
Also, it looks as if the pump, originally designed as a temporary “fix”for patients awaiting a transplant, could be used for people simply too frail to survive transplant surgery. This is a much bigger market.
Buy this heart pump stock TODAY and watch it soar.

And if what I say is wrong—you get your money back!

In the current edition of Quantum Growth I name no less than 32 stocks (including this heart pump company) that are RIGHT AT their breakout point.
Twenty months ago, if you had heeded my advice and bought as instructed, you would have made…
85% in Millicom Int’l—in 19 weeks
70% in Amrep—in 11 weeks
62% in Terra Nitrogen—in 10 weeks
56% in Perini—in 15 weeks
53% in Vasco Data—in 12 weeks
and 52% in Rochester Medical—in just 7 weeks
The opportunity today is even greater than it was twenty months ago and here is why:
The few investors who GRASP the importance of the coming surge should be able to make 87% profit, clean and clear. Again and again.
And it’s going to be so easy, it’ll feel downright CRIMINAL.

Four Forces Guaranteeing
A Surge Ahead

  1. THE ELECTION RUN-UP. Bernanke’s job is simple here: don’t rock the boat. That he can manage.

  2. CASH, CASH, CASH. Cash on the sidelines is at HISTORICALLY high levels. Even in stock funds, cash on hand is at an unheard of 4.5%--the highest since November 2004. Following that, the market soared 33%.

  3. BARGAINS. Most stocks have been hammered for a year, as I’m sure you’re painfully aware. That’s created fire sale bargains that would make Buffett blush.

  4. OIL PRICES EASE, INFLATION BACKS OFF. ‘Nuff said. PLUS: GDP up 3.3%. Wow!

Right Now

That’s why I just added 7 NEW STOCKS AT THE BREAKOUT to our famous Quantum Buy List
Just since Labor Day, money has begun to flood back into the market, going FIRST to the champions of the up-coming earnings season.
Just look at the performances of these current Quantum Growth buys:
America’s Car-Mart TRIPLED previous quarterly
Cleveland Cliffs earnings rose 209%. Sales rose 84%. The stock jumped 18%.
Comfort Systems earnings rose 52%. The stock jumped 15%.
HealthSpring earnings rose 71% and sales rose 48%. The stock jumped 6%.
Sykes Enterprises earnings rose 169%. The stock rose 21%.
Emcor Group shot up 16% last week on news of a record contract backlog.

Ready To Breakout

Our heart pump stock is ready to bust out, right along with these stocks. That’s why I say to you:
TRY QUANTUM GROWTH risk-free. If I don’t deliver, simply stop your Trial Subscription, keep ALL the profits you’ve made, all the research, everything, and get 100% of your un-used subscription price refunded.
I BET you’ll be delighted, but you don’t have to believe me—just try Quantum Growth for yourself.
I KNOW you’ll be delighted, just as I know you’ll be 87% richer 90 days from today! But you don’t have to believe me—just try Quantum Growth for yourself.
Say YES now and I’ll email you details about our 32 new breakout stocks, including vital notes on buy-below price-points.
So—not only do you have nothing to lose…you have everything to gain!
Let me hear from you right away. Just click here.
You know what to do.
Louis Navellier, Editor
Quantum Growth
It’s ALL About Performance
P.S. Our little heart-pump stock is surging, and that’s not all. Four powerful forces are ready to propel our 32 Quantums to gains of up to 87% in the next 90 days. But you don’t have to believe me because if I don’t deliver, I’ll give you your money back! Act quickly!

Good. It seems like we have a stock ready to skyrocket. Which stock is that? When did it gain 22% in one Friday session? How much Mr. Navellier gained with it yet?

Question 1: the stock is Thoratec Corporation (THOR).
Question 2: THOR actually gained 21.91% on Friday August 1st 2008, closing at $22.87 against previous day $18.76.
Question 3: Mr. Navellier gained NOTHING from that 22% jump. In fact he added THOR to his portfolio on September 2nd, at around $26.71. His $5.000/year paying subscribers bought it the following day (September 3rd between $26.81 and $27.93). Last Friday it closed at $26.22 for just a tiny little loss.

So, Mr. Navellier writes: "The [REMOVED] top healthcare stock popped 22% in one Friday session—just as we expected".
I would like to ask him: If you just expected it why didn't you buy THOR on July 31st at $18 instead of September 2nd at $26?

Let's give Mr. Navellier some time to see if his forecast will come true. For now the main point is that he shouldn't praise himself for a 22% in-a-day profit he MISSED.

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