Thursday, September 4, 2008

A reader's comment

I would like to highlight a comment to this post I received from a reader:

I took his advise and bought 400 shares, all around $16-$18.00.... of course I had to pay $1395.00 to get this sorry advise.. I also subscribe to Emerging growth... so in the last 3 months, paying him $1690.00 for advise, my portfolio is down $7000.00.. he is heavily waited in oil and energy stocks, all which have nose dived since July. I have emailed him several times about the SOLF email (no response of course)... This morning, I called cust svc to complain.... the "supervisor" I talked to said she would forward my complaint... I am sure will go nowhere.... I am frustrated.... Has anyone else out there been burned by Navellier?

Sad story, but quite common. These "gurus" don't care if the stocks they recomment are winners or losers. Just 1.000 subscribers as our anonymous friend and they cash $1.000.000 per quarter.

Remember: you can often cancel your subscription and get your money back. These guys do not deserve it. Check the service agreement.

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