Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Robert Hsu and AUO

Original post date: September 5th 2008
Removed copyright information and reposted

On March 19th 2008 Mr. Hsu wrote to his $3.000/year Asia Pacific Edge paying subscribers:

New Buy: AU Optronics Corp.
Strong Growth Ahead
AUO's solid growth, favorable exchange rates and improved economic ties with Mainland China will push the stock toward $26 over the next few months. That's a 30%+ gain from today's price. I want you to buy AUO under $20.
You know I love when Mr. Hsu makes his forecasts...

In the next three months Mr. Hsu did not say anything but "Buy AUO when shares are trading below $20".
I suppose some of his subscribers bought it close to $20.

Until one day, June 25th 2008, he wrote:
Sell AU Optronics Corp.
[REMOVED] I think that it is best to sell AUO to preserve your cash.

Well, I think that in order to preserve your cash you shouldn't follow this guy at all...

-26% for Mr. Hsu on this round

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