Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Strange Case of SOLF

A reader (thanks B.C.) notified me that something strange happened to Solarfun (SOLF) in Mr. Navellier's [REMOVED] newsletter.

After pumping SOLF promising doubling prices in 2 weeks if you bought it before August 27th, now SOLF has disappeared from Mr. Navellier's [REMOVED] portfolio.

It was there until last week (August 25th) and now it evaporated...

Here is what Mr. Navellier was writing about SOLF:
  • July 21st: Price $14.73 - Stop Loss $7.80
  • July 28th: Price $12.51 - Stop Loss $6.63
  • August 4th: Price $13.10 - Stop Loss $6.78
  • August 11th: Price $11.70 - Stop Loss $6.06
  • August 18th: Price $16.20 - Stop Loss $8.38
  • August 25th: Price $19.99 - Stop Loss $10.25

Do you notice anything strange in addition to SOLF disappearing?

The stop loss levels go up and down. Stop loss prices go down from $7.80 to $6.06 before coming up again to $10.25.

But, shouldn't stop loss always go up?

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