Sunday, September 7, 2008

What's Working On Wall Street Now - Part 2

The content of this post is public domain since is part of Mr. Navellier weekly spam. Original post date September 7th 2008

A look at August 7th buy list as appeared on Mr. Navellier's free newsletter What's Working on Wall Street Now.

Largest Chinese Stocks

To mark the start of the Olympics in Beijing, I've mined PortfolioGrader Pro for five of China's largest firms. Let's see how they stack up:

Stock (ticker)GradeRecomm.
China Mobile (CHL)BBuy
China Life Insurance (LFC)BBuy
China Petroleum (SNP)BBuy
PetroChina (PTR)BBuy (SOHU)AStrong Buy

Let's check how these stocks performed from August 7th to September 5th:
  • CHL moved from $63.59 to $52.99 for a 16% loss
  • LFC moved from $55.40 to $55.10 for a breakeven
  • SNP moved from $103.56 to $91.53 for an 11% loss
  • PTR moved from $129.55 to $119.32 for an 8% loss
  • SOHU moved from $71.95 to $67.96 for a 5% loss

Once more congratulations to PortfolioGrader Pro...

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