Saturday, October 4, 2008

Another Blue Chip Spam

A brand new spam with the usual old content from Louis Navellier promoting Blue Chip Growth with 50% discount.

Here it is (comments in red).

Fellow Investor:

Make no mistake about it—this is the worst stock market since the Great Depression.

Yet, how you react to the continuing crisis will ultimately determine your future wealth.

I would know.

I’m Louis Navellier, and more than 35,000 Americans have relied on my advice for managing their money with incredible results during the subprime sell-off, housing collapse, and the credit crisis through my Blue Chip Growth advisory .

I agree on Mr. Navellier's judgment of his results: INCREDIBLE.

The reason is simple:

My long-term track record for beating the market by $4.7–to–$1 over the past 10 years. I’m proud to say that those results include that last 12 months.

This is simply not true, just marketing crap...

Truth is, I would have never been able to deliver such profits—in good times and bad—if I didn’t have a time-proven investment strategy.

So while most investors are reacting to the bad news—selling in panic and then buying in haste—my readers are weathering in the storm in fundamentally superior stocks that are rising as the economic clouds clear.

And there’s one thing I want to tell you. These clouds are clearing: It’s not going to happen over night, but over time.

Given that Mr. Warren Buffett recently invested in GE and GS I would also expect the bear market to be close to an end.

Which is why are adding to our holdings as stocks sell off. Because the companies we own continue to have superior earnings that will continue to grow despite the housing crisis…despite the credit crunch…and despite rising energy and food costs.

My just–released new reader investment kit, Profit Plan for the Bailout, will not only give you our game plan for the next three months but also the top stocks we’re investing in now. (Download your free copy here.)

A few examples:
We are big believers and owners of Apple. This is a position we’ve held for four years now with 280% gains to date.

And with a -44% in the last weeks ($180 to $100)

And while it’s been knocked down more than 20% in the past few months (wake up! you lost 44%!), this is a company that will continue to survive and prosper in the years ahead thanks to its 31% earnings growth and 38% revenue growth.

So why did you put AAPL in the 200 to shun?

We are also big believers and owners of CSX (that was also in the 200 to shun list), one of the leaders in rail transportation.

Reason: $4-a-gallon gas has made shipping by rail more cost effective than trucking. So it’s no surprise the company’s earnings are up 18% year-over-year or that this stock has handed us 53% gains in just over two years. And -30% in the last 2 months...

That’s why we’re using the sell-off as an opportunity to add to our position at prices we may never see again. We’re suggesting that you do, too.

We like McDonald’s a lot, too. In fact, since we added this one to our holdings two years ago, we’ve seen our investment rise 48%—for a 24% annualized gain. So why s MCD in the 200 to shun list?

If you can add this one to your portfolio now, as we are, you’ll be well—positioned to profit moving forward — thanks to the company’s high profit margins and skyrocketing global sales.

By the way, these are just three of our current holdings that you’ll find in our Blue Chip Growth portfolios that have continued to defy the collapse as most investors have lost their shirts.

Our research indicates these will continue to profit in the post-bailout economy.

It precisely this active approach to investing that has consistently rewarded my readers with many outstanding gains, why we continue to beat the S&P 500 by $4.7—to—$1, and why The Hulbert Financial Digest has ranked me as the #1 newsletter advisor for 20 years.

Your FREE copy of Profit Plan for the Bailout (online now) gives you the full details on our current holdings and how to reposition your assets in light of today’s developments because…

The Wrong Move Now
Could Send You to the Poorhouse
The Right Move Could Make
Your Retirement Years


I can’t tell you when the next bank will fail or if the government’s bailout will work, but I can tell you this: You simply can’t afford to guess at your future.

With your Free copy of my Profit Plan for the Bailout in hand, you’ll be taking the first step toward putting together a well-balanced team of investments…defensive investments that will protect your wealth from being sacked by recession, inflation and the current credit crisis.

PLUS, offensive investments, high-growth opportunities that will continue to profit in this difficult environment.

Frankly, it’s this combination of defensive plays (McDonald's, +49% - stock to shun; Gilead, +50% - -21% in 2 months; and Baxter, +37%; and offensive plays (Apple, +281% - -44% in a few weeks; Monsanto, +209% - -40% from $140 to $83) that have helped our readers to weather these difficult times with their assets intact. Mr. Navellier has a very unique meaning for the word intact.

In your free reports of Profit Plan for the Bailout, I’ll show you how you, too, can create the right balance of investment that matches your objectives with the risk you feel comfortable with.

And I’ll clearly explain how you can add our recommendations—in the right amounts—to help you safely, surely and systematically protect and grow your wealth as we have over the past 10 years, beating the market by an amazing $4.7—to—$1.

Then every month, as you are one of my new Blue Chip Growth readers, I’ll send you my monthly update on new recommendations and show you how to adjust the proportion you should have to continue to protect and grow your wealth during these difficult times.

Are You Happy With
Your Current Results?

If you are, then by all means I suggest you stick with your current plan.

But if you’re not at all pleased with your current situation…

…I’ll gladly give you immediate access to my Profit Plan for the Bailout along with a no-risk introductory subscription to Blue Chip Growth.

In it, you’ll discover the same investment plan my readers are following now that’s helping them not only beat the market in these difficult times…

…but also delivering some incredible profits along the way.

I speak, for example, of Apple (+281% - see above), Monsanto (+209% - se above), Potash (+48% - -60% since June 2008), CSX (+55% - see above) and RIMM (+59% - -58% since June 2008 and in the 200 to shun list)—just to name a few. And if these are the best...
I mention them not to boast but simply to show you why following a time-proven approach can deliver profits in good times and bad…

…but also keep you from making the dangerous and costly mistakes many investors are making now.

That’s why I’m giving away FREE access to my Profit Plan for the Bailout with a one-year no-risk trial subscription my Blue Chip Growth Letter.

A Guiding Hand
You Can Trust

That is what you are getting when you accept your free copy of Profit Plan for the Bailout and invest in a subscription to my Blue Chip Growth Letter:
A stock advisory with a proven 10-year track record for helping its clients invest and grow rich through inflation, recession and wild market swings like we have now.

That tells you what to buy, when to sell and which stocks to roll your profits into—AND MOST IMPORTANT

That guarantees that you will beat the market by $3-to-$1 in the next 6 months, or your subscription is free

Please don’t think I’m sticking my neck out here. My time-proven approach has not only beaten the market by $4.7-to-$1 over the past 10 ½ years…

…but continues to deliver outstanding results in today’s market with great gains in Apple, Rimm, Monsanto, Mosaic (Mosaic is the best example, moving from $160 to $40 and losing 75% of its value) and others.

That’s why I have no problem guaranteeing that you, too, will enjoy the safety, security and profits that my Blue Chip Growth advisory that has brought others—or you won’t pay a dime.


As I regularly remind my readers…

The investing service that serves its clients best is the one that moves its readers to take action: to buy the stocks we recommend and profit from them—and not to just read about them.

For these reasons, my publisher has given me ONE DAY to offer a limited number of number of half-price one year trials for just $149 (reg. $299) and no long-term commitment.

To leave this offer open-ended would be doing you a disservice.


If you can’t take me up on my $149 trial TODAY, chances are you wouldn’t follow my Profit Plan for the Bailout or buy my recommendations, and I would be remiss in accepting you as a new reader at the expense of another investor who can act quickly and decisively.

That’s why you’ll have to make your decision today. The bailout is here now. Your decision or indecision will determine your future wealth.

You have my promise that you will profit, or you pay nothing.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Louis Navellier
Editor, Blue Chip Growth

P.S. If you’ve read this far and decided not to take a “wait-and-see” approach, please remember this:

The Fed bailout will pump billions of dollars back into the economy, drive the dollar lower and increase inflation exponentially.

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