Friday, October 31, 2008

Any Comment?

I just want to thank the readers that left a comment on my posts or wrote me email messages.

It is a pleasure to know that somebody finds what I write useful.

If you like this blog please send it to your friends.

To all of you: thanks for reading and please come back.

  • This Navellier guy is unbelievable. I bought the Navellier U.S. All Cap mutual fund back about 8 years ago and it has been an utter DISASTER - even before the fiasco we're going through now. I know I'm a fool for holding on to it for so long. Please, everybody stay away from Navellier!!! Run for your lives!!! Do not let him throw any more of our money down the tubes!!!

  • I've been reading his "Little Book" book lately and I'm sure it's got some great advice for the investing novice like myself, but I've been so inundated in my inbox with hard the creepy ones where you MUST ACT NOW before YOU LOSE OUT...that you want to take a shower. Blech. I'm going to see if I can separate the wheat from the chaff, but I have a knee-jerk desire to conclude that it's all a big sales pitch.

  • Trending 123 is a scam. They have had huge losses but as with many scammers they only advertise their winners, making you believe how wonderful they are, when in reality if you followed everyone of their recommendations you would like have done very poorly or lost your money.

  • I subscribed to Navalier's Blue Chip Growth for about three years and for about a year I got the Quantum Growth Newsletter. Blue Chip wasn't bad. Quantum sucked. Your posting makes me very grateful that I'm not paying him to help me lose my money.

  • Mr. Hsu lacks the practical judgment on stocks. He does not manage to even beat a simple index fund. Bad advice.

  • I invested in EJ last May at 17+$ on Mr. Hsu's avid advice. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I managed to get out at twelve. Today it's trading below 9. And I paid him well for this timely tip!

  • I got sucked into the $199 Quantum Growth offer last week and proceeded to be instantly screwed when prices on most of the picks plunged. It's nice to see someone exposing the poor performance of Louis' service. Asking for my $199 back (or what's left of it at this point) is absurd--I lost several thousand bucks thanks to this Quantum disaster. Some of it has been made up in today's surge, but far from all.

  • Hello Karl, I have just discovered your Investorcrap blog and have found it very funny and relevant as it reinforces my own experience losing large amounts of money (from both the occasional good gains as well as the original investments) with Robert Hsu and Louis Navellier over the last 2 years. These guys need to be exposed for their failures and for their copy-writers' exaggerations of their successes and for the misleading promises of their e-mailed teasers. Please keep at it! Thanks,


Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog. It's a wonderful counter to all the bs out there. Keep it up and please add other con artists to your blog.


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