Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Brand New Spam from Louis

Markets Cheer! Quantums Roar! Special Low Price

Fellow Investor:
The clock is ticking so I’ll be brief.
The global push to pump cash into banks is not only fueling a rebound in stocks…but also showing signs the credit markets are loosening up.
Our research shows the biggest profits not only will come in the next 30 days…
…but our…
Special 30-Day Offer Will Let You Grab the Next Wave of Profits
I’m Louis Navellier, and if you’ve ever wanted to try my Quantum Growth Letter, you couldn’t have asked for a better time.
The reason is simple:
In the next 30 days…
  • The bailout bill will begin to take effect
  • The presidential election will be over
  • The credit markets will begin to flow
  • Real estate prices will begin to stabilize
  • Investors will have new confidence and —MOST IMPORTANT—
  • The $1 trillion that’s sitting on the sidelines will surge back into the market, and with it you’ll see a huge spike in our Quantum stocks—as their outstanding earnings growth continues to deliver the market’s greatest profits!

But you’d better hurry!

You Won’t Get a Second Chance

As I write this, pension fund, mutual fund and hedge fund managers are readjusting their holdings RIGHT NOW to profit on the upside.

They are moving billions back in to the market RIGHT NOW—proving to the world that the global banking system is back on track.

If you don’t act now—TODAY—to overweight your holdings in our newest top-rated Quantums, you’ll not only miss the next 20% to 40% gains we see headed your way…

…but kick yourself for years.

My $199 30-day trial offer makes it possible for you to catch the upside right from the beginning—WITHOUT any long-term commitment—and at a special price that won’t be repeated.

Please act now.

Your Decision Today Will Determine Your Future Wealth

For the past 23 years, I’ve helped my readers build wealth in all markets and at all times—even in this market.

With Monday’s market 936-point surge clearly indicating a new level of global confidence, this is no time to sit on the sidelines.

After all…

With the leaders of 15 Eurozone countries guaranteeing bank-to-bank loans and the U.S. government set to purchase stocks in US banks, it’s only a matter of days before investors realize the credit freeze is starting to thaw…

… and the rest of the $1 trillion that’s been sitting on the sidelines comes pouring in.
This is not only why the Alpha ratings on our Quantums surged on Monday…but also why they’re now set to double, triple and perhaps even quadruple the Dow’s 11% rise in the weeks and months ahead.

—All thanks to BOLD new confidence that the banking bailout is finally working.

Don’t get left behind.


My Quantum Growth service is for investors who want to own the best stocks, want to collect the biggest profits and are willing to act quickly on my unhedged recommendations.

If you are willing to invest in my recommendations, you will enjoy the benefits that my Quantum Growth system has brought to others and you will never invest any other way.

If you can’t take me up on my $199 offer TODAY, chances are you wouldn’t buy my recommendations anyway, and I would be remiss in accepting you as a new reader.

That’s why you’ll have to make your decision today.

The global credit freeze is thawing. Our Quantums are soaring. So if you’re going to profit from these moves, NOW is the time.

Your quick action today will determine your future wealth.


Louis NavellierEditor,
Quantum Growth

P.S. If you’ve read this far and haven’t decided not to grab my $199 30-day trial, please remember this:

A year’s subscription to Quantum Growth regularly costs $5,000 and you have to sign up for a minimum of a full year.

Because the profit potential for a turnaround NOW is so great—my publisher has allowed me to open the door for a limited number of 30-day trials for just $199 with no long-term commitment.

But only for today.
If you want to profit with us, then you must accept my savings offer today without hesitation.

The action or inaction you take today will determine your future wealth.

I look forward to hearing from you.

You have now the opportunity to subscribe to Quantum Growth at a very discounted price. And, just for sake of completeness, you might consider the following before subscribing:
  • Review recent Quantum Growth performance
  • Current portfolio performace:
    G??: +5.77%
    S???: -27.83%
    S???: -14.23%
    T???: -11.67%
    V???: -8.78%

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