Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Some Global Stuff Sold

Finally, after one week since the first instructions, some Global Growth stocks went above their sell above limit.

They needed an all-time record on Wall Street, but they made it.

This week Mr. Navellier's Global Growth subscribers sold 3 stocks:
  1. ASIA: was also bought on July 28th at $13.63. High price yesterday was $10.23. Best case: -25%.
  2. SDTH: high price for SDTH yesterday was $4.85 . SDTH was bought on August 4th at $9.01. Selling it at the top made possible to lose only 46%.
  3. SQM: we wrote about SQM in the past. It is the stock that should have gained 50% in the next 30 days. SQM was bought on April 7th at $28.34. It went over $54 in June (almost 100% gain). Highest price yesterday was $21.79, so in the best case Mr. Navellier subscribers lost only 23%. Those who bought in June (buy below $49.48) got a -56%.

Average loss for these 3 trades is 31%
(without counting the $5.000 per year subscribers pay Mr. Navellier)

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