Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Some new Global Sells

With his new strategy based on (decreasing) Sell Above Prices, Mr. Navellier added the following stocks to his Sell list: FMX, IPCR, LAZ, PBR, CHT, NSTC.

If the Sell Above prices are met, then the performance of these 6 trades will be:
  • FMX: bought on August 11th at $46.27: -31%
  • IPCR: bought on August 4th at $31.91: -30%
  • LAZ: bought on September 29th at $42.27: -6%
  • PBR: bought on November 12th 2007 at $47.45: -32% (after a 60% missed profit in May 2008)
  • CHT: bought on June 23rd at $19.98: -20%
  • NSTC: bought on October 6th at $9.62: -1%

  • To recap, if all these stocks reach their sell above prices (before reducing them next week) the average loss would be 20%.

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