Friday, October 3, 2008

What was working on Wall Street on September 5th

What's Working On Wall Street Now is the free newsletter Mr. Navellier sends.
You can subscribe to it just giving your email address and you will be flooded with spam from various experts.
Today I was thinking "what could I have bought last month to survive such a bad market?". So I went to my mail archive and retrieved Mr. Navellier's issue of September 5th 2008.

It seems like I should have bought AAPL, WMT and maybe SPLS. Unfortunately I didn't, since I do not trust this guy. What have I missed? Let's check the price move from September 5th to October 2nd:

  • AAPL: $160.18 to $100.10 (-37%)
  • WMT: $60.74 to $58.85 (-3%)
  • SPLS: $24.68 to $20.84 (-15%)

Compared to...

  • S&P500: 1242.31 to 1114.28 (-10%)

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