Saturday, November 1, 2008

Emerging Growth - Closed Trades for November

For Louis Navellier's Emerging Growth subscribers there are 12 new sells this month.

Mr. Navellier says that there is a good chance we’ve found the bottom. So I don't really understand why he is going to sell one third of his portfolio at a market bottom.

But I am not Mr. Navellier and he decided to sell the following stocks:
  1. AG (last month - buy below $41)
  2. ANSS (last month - buy below $36)
  3. BMI (last month - buy below $47)
  4. DRYS (last month - buy below $39)
  5. GEF (last month - buy below $63)
  6. PMFG (last month - buy below $15)
  7. PCLN (last month - buy below $67)
  8. RBN (last month - buy below $31)
  9. SPW (last month - buy below $70)
  10. SNHY (last month - buy below $26)
  11. TISI (last month - buy below $35)
  12. VMI (last month - buy below $76)

Let's see the performance of these 12 trades in detail.


AG was bought on April 25th, following the May 2008 issue, at $67.67. It was one of its highest prices ever. AG started its nose dive at the beginning of September. I think a stop loss would have been appreciated by Emerging Growth subscribers. Yesterday AG closed at $31.52 for a loss of 53.42%.


ANSS entered the Emerging Growth portfolio at the end of October 2007 at $40.41. At first it did not move much, then it went close to $50 before dropping to $25. Yesterday it closed at $28.63 for a 29.15% loss.


BMI was bought at the end of June 2008 at $47.81. Although it was one of the Top 10 stocks for October 2008 it was sold yesterday at $25.20 for a 47.29% loss.


DRYS was a masterpiece. It was added to the Emerging Growth portfolio at the end of May 2008, just at the beginning of its down trend, that seems to be finished in these days. Entry price was $90.05 and sell price was $19.25 for an amazing 78.62% loss.


Buy price (on end of March 2008) was $66.01 and it was sold yesterday at $40.58 for a 38.52% loss.


Bought at $107.54 in January 2008 went to $140 in May before going down to its sell price of $52.63 for a 51.06% loss.


Bought in April 2008 at $14.82 was sold at $10.86 for a 26.72% loss.


One of the two profitable trades for this round was RBN, bought in March 2007 at $19.85 and sold at $20.4 for a 2.77% gain. Notice that it was over $50 in July 2008 for a missed profit of 150%.


Almost as spectacular as DRYS, this trade brought a 70.26% loss thanks to a buy price of $130.25 and sell price of $38.74.


Bought at $29.27 and sold at $20.94 after it went close to $40. From a potential profit of 30% to a loss of 28.46%.

Another example of how to turn a 100% profit into a break even. Bought at $53.5, forgot about it when it reached almost $120 and sold it at $54.78 for a 2.39 gain in 2 years.

An almost neutral trade. Bught at $28.87 and sold at $27.77 for a 3.81% loss and a 30% missed profit.

Average loss for these 12 trades is 35%

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