Sunday, November 23, 2008

New spam - Old crap from Louis Navellier

November 21, 2008

OK, I admit, I’m feeling full of myself—and so are thousands of Emerging Growth subscribers!

I told them (and then I told you) back in the spring that an Obama win would mean a win for New Energy—alternative, non-fossil fuels.

Plus, I warned my subscribers last December to flee that symbol of Old Energy, GM. The stock stood at $28 then. It’s at $2 today. And right now, with GM on the operating table, the message from the Obama camp is loud and clear: Go green, Detroit, or go away.

Obama Slates Billions
for New Energy

You’d better act quickly, my friend. Among the laws ready to be railroaded through Congress is a bold and symbolic boost to alternative, non-fossil energy.

A few nimble investors will be able to catch this alternative energy tiger by the tail.

I want you to be one of them, so read every word of the following.

Fuel Systems Up 36%
SQM Up 36%!

We just hit Fuel Systems out of the park, just like I told you we would.

LOOK at Fuel Systems. It CRUSHED estimates when it reported. Sales are UP 62%. Earnings went from a loss to a gain of $18 million. Outlook was raised—and the stock shot up 45% in a few hours. I think we’ll see panic buying this week, and not just in Fuel Systems.

This is the FSYS chart. Navellier jumped in at the end of August 2008 at $51.83 and he is currently down 55%.

On November 7th FSYS crushed expectations and jumped from $26.71 to $38.80. Of course it managed to go back under previous $26.71 level down to $23.32. Not much to be full of oneself...

Let's have a look at SQM now. Navellier bought it at the end of April 2008 at $29.55. SQM went to $59 before plunging to current $19.76. Remember when he was saying "This time last year, this was a $13 stock. Recently, it hit an all-time high of $54. So that’s a 415% gain! And between $54 and $150 there’s NOTHING STOPPING IT!" here.

Louis Navellier feels full of himself for having turned this 100% unrealized gain into a 33% unrealized loss. What a genius...

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Anonymous said...

Interesting that Louis not infrequently dumps A-rated stocks from his QG buy-lists and adds B-rated stocks (referring to his Portfolio Grader Pro rating system). Makes me wonder what other criteria he is employing in deciding to recommend a stock, assuming it's something other than what it often seems: tossing darts blindfolded at a list of A/B-rated stocks. Also strange that the "Track Record" page in Quantum Growth is very incomplete--it only shows the gains. Since there are only 3 stocks listed at the moment, that speaks volumes about the rest. A dismal overall record these days. I would think honesty would be the best policy here, no matter how badly things are going in the market. Louis and crew don't seem to share that view.