Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ASIA sold

Finally, the day to sell ASIA has come for Robert Hsu's $3.000/year Asia Edge subscribers.

It was July 30th when Mr. Hsu wrote:

New Recommendation: AsiaInfo Holdings

AsiaInfo (NASDAQ: ASIA) is a leading provider of high-quality telecom software solutions and IT security products and services in China. The company was founded in 1993, and was actually the first Chinese technology company to list on NASDAQ in 2000.


I think it will be very successful in doing this -- the company already has a strong financial track record, and with this opportunity to provide the Chinese telecom industry with its superior services, I think that AsiaInfo will perform well.


I believe AsiaInfo will continue to grow alongside the rapidly evolving telecom industry in China. Though the global stock markets have been performing badly this year, ASIA has gained 29% since the beginning of the year. I think its excellent earnings and strong growth potentials could send the stock even higher in the coming months.
I want you to buy ASIA under $15. I'm targeting $20 in the next six to eight months, which would give us a nice 33% gain.

Buy price was $13.48 (highest price in the last year).

In the following weeks Mr. Hsu continued to push ASIA:
  • August 6th: Continue to buy ASIA under $15.
  • August 13th: Continue to buy ASIA under $15.
  • August 20th: Continue to buy ASIA under $15.
  • August 27th: I want you to continue to buy ASIA under $15.
  • September 3rd: Continue to buy ASIA under $15.
  • September 10th: buy under $15.
  • September 17th: Buy ASIA under $15.
  • September 24th: buy under $15.
  • October 1st: buy under $15.
  • October 8th: AsiaInfo Holdings (NASDAQ: ASIA) shares have taken a huge hit recently, falling over 40% since September. We originally bought the stock as a way to profit from the telecom restructuring in China, but it has sold off sharply with the global markets. I think going forward, though, the stock has a good chance of bouncing during the upcoming rally. So I recommend that we wait for ASIA to bounce, and then sell it into the market rally. Hold ASIA.
  • Next weeks it was always hold... I want you to continue to hold the stock and sell ASIA above $12.50.

And finally:

ASIA went to $12.50. Mr. Hsu wrote yesterday:

The time has come to sell AsiaInfo Holdings (NASDAQ: ASIA).
As you know, I first recommended this Chinese technology company back in July, as a way to take advantage of the major restructuring among Chinese telecoms. While the AsiaInfo bounced nicely following my recommendation, it sold off this fall with the rest of the global markets.
After experiencing nearly a 40% decline since September, I placed AsiaInfo on hold in early October and told you that we would likely sell the stock into a bounce later in the year. And on November 5 after the company reported decent third-quarter results, I recommended placing a limit order on the stock to sell it above $12.50.
Well, during today's market rally -- Hong Kong's Hang Seng index gained more than 8% -- AsiaInfo jumped nearly 4% and tripped our $12.50 limit order. That's why I want you to sell ASIA if you haven't already done so. And I'll have more details in this Wednesday's Asia Edge.

A very modest loss of only 7% for Mr. Hsu. One of his best performance of 2008 (at least compared to CTRP, SOHU, QCOM, FMCN, DRYS and others).



Anonymous said...

As Mr. Hsu sells ASIA, the stock is now rated "A" in Louis Nav.'s Portfolio Grader Pro. So perhaps now is the time to buy it.

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