Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A couple of Quantum failures...

As every Monday, Louis Navellier sent his $5.000/year Quantum Growth paying subscribers detailed instruction about FSYS and NCS.

Both of these stocks were bought only 2 weeks ago, so we cannot enjoy Navellier's typical rollercoaster ride (with usual sell at the bottom...).

Very quickly, here is NCS.

It was bought on November 17th at $14.73 and sold yesterday at $12.93 (close prices) for a 12% loss in two weeks (one of these 2 weeks was one of the most profitable in Wall Street history).

FSYS, on which Mr. Navellier spammed so much, was also bought on November 17th at around $32.75 and sold at around $27.90 for a 14% loss.

In the same two weeks during which Mr. Navellier realized losses of 12% and 14% the S&P500 lost 4% (from 850.75 to 816.21). Once more Mr. Navellier outperformed the market (in absolute values) by 3-to-1.

Quick note: Portfolio Grader Pro scores NCS as a BUY and FSYS as a STRONG BUY.

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