Monday, December 1, 2008

Louis Navellier - Again...

Another spam from Navellier:

I wanted to be sure you knew:
At 11:59 p.m. tonight, the price of Emerging Growth automatically doubles. If you wish to join us tomorrow, it will cost you twice as much.
Act now and receive 3—yes 3 FREE timely investment research reports that create an ironclad money machine for you in 2009.
Plus, you snag Emerging Growth at our never-before-offered GIVEAWAY discount, saving you HALF-OFF—all if you act now.
If Not Now—When?
Small stocks are seeing BIG pops right now. Buying panic has gripped the innovators that populate the Emerging Growth Buy List. Just look at this action in the past few days:
“The stocks on the [Emerging Growth Buy List] provide the seeds for nearly all of the big winners of the future!”-Glenn M., Freemont , CA

  • AZZ, UP 35%
  • Darling International, UP 37%
  • Enersys, UP 39%
  • Flowserve, UP 28%
  • Fuel Systems, UP 30%
  • Terra Industries, UP 29%

Just to be precise, here is the actual performance of the above stocks:
  • AZZ is currently up 13.22%
  • DAR is currently down 37.73%
  • ENS is currently down 74.17%
  • FLS is currently down 46%
  • FSYS is currently down 33.26%
  • TRA is currently down 42.13%

If these are the best stocks in Navellier's portfolio...


Anonymous said...

If your numbers are true (and I have no reason to believe they are not) someone needs to turn this guy over to the authorities (perhaps the SEC, Attorney General et al)

Anonymous said...

For sake of precision: Mr. Navellier highlighted the performance of the last few days/weeks.
I focused on the performance since bought...