Friday, December 26, 2008

Quantum Crap

I got another marketing spam from our friend Louis a few days ago

Thursday, December 25

Palm Beach, Florida 10:03AM EST

Our success has been your opportunity, my dear colleague…

…and tonight that opportunity must end.

Our top Quantum Growth stocks thrashed the market in 2008, so I’ve slashed the price of Quantum Growth in half, given an unprecedented 100% money-back guarantee—and restricted the offer to 1,000 Qualified Investors like you.

I couldn't read anything more of this crap.

I just want to remind you how Quantum Growth slashed the market.

  1. January 2008: -4.09%
  2. February 2008: -0.07%
  3. March 2008: -3.57%
  4. April 2008: -3.54%
  5. May 2008: 4.48%
  6. June 2008: -0.55%
  7. July 2008: -2.35%
  8. August 2008: -9.03%
  9. September 2008: -14.20%
  10. October 2008: to be summarized
  11. November 2008: -12.11%
  12. December 2008: in progress - update soon

I will post the full year performance next week for Quantum Growth and Global Growth, compared to the S&P500. And I will forward it to Bloomberg, CNN Money and other Financial websites.

I hate this crap.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha. And he isn't even lying: He's talking about his TOP quantum stocks, not all of them!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work exposing the fraudsters.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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