Thursday, February 5, 2009

John Lansing' spam

The latest spam from John Lansing arrived in my box a few hours ago:

Fellow Investor,
I don’t invest for “small potatoes.”
Other people may be satisfied with making 12% on their money this year, but I’m sure not. And if you want to make up for lost time — and erase the pain of the last 12 months — you can’t be satisfied, either.
Best of all, there’s no reason why you should settle for such a pittance.
Not when you can double your money in 3 weeks or less! That’s our target at Parabolic Options — and we hit that target square-on 41 times in 2008, after we began this trading service last May.

and so on with his usual bullshit.

Mr. Lansing, you are a loser. And here is your current portfolio. If you were in Europe you would be prosecuted for false declarations in your marketing crap.

AZ??? -19.23%
HQ??? 5.26%
GS??? -45.66%
MO??? -38.24%
FL??? -42.86%
FL??? -75.00%
SW??? -88.57%
EO??? -77.03%
GD??? -82.00%
AP??? -59.38%
FRR??? -57.78%
AD???? -23.08%
GG??? -81.71%
SQ???? -74.00%
OA???? -85.43%

AVERAGE: -56.31%



Anonymous said...

His other service Trending 123 is similar. They advertise only their good trades and forget the bad ones. Lansing also seems to be somewhat of a mental case, goes from highs to lows, very emotional, very harsh at times, mostly full of himself.

He often conveniently "disappears" when trades are going against him.

rex5515 said...

5/6/09 I'm down 68% in 68 days. I guess I'm just a slow learner.