Monday, February 2, 2009

John Strikes Back

I went back in time and checked what John Dessauer was sayin a few months ago.

More precisely I took his October newsletter issue and found a chapter called:
Bank Stocks to Buy and Hold.

Do you wonder which these stocks are and how they did?

  1. Regions Financial (NYSE: RF, $14.00): The stock is up, but it can gain another 50% in the next 12–18 months. Currently at $3.46 (-75%)
  2. South Financial Group (NASDAQ: TSFG, $8.28): I believe that change will be positive for South Financial. Currently $1.88 (-77%)
  3. Bank of America (NYSE: BAC, $36.70): Bank of America is living up to its name; it truly is America’s leading bank. Currently $6.58 (-82%)
  4. Citigroup (NYSE: C, $20.15): Citi has managed critical priorities well—our capital and liquidity positions are strong, and we have tremendous capacity to make commitments to our clients. Currently $3.55 (-82%)
  5. Financial Select SPDR (NYSE: XLF, $21.39): XLF can double when the bank stocks fully recover. Meanwhile, the current dividend yield is 4.25%. Currently $9.24 (-56%)

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