Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Latest Navellier fiascos

Not much to say. One closed trade for $5.000/year Quantum Growth subscribers and two closed trades for $5.000/year Global Growth readers.

The new Quantum Sell is TKR, bought on December 15th at $15.44. It went over $20 in January for an imaginary profit ov over 30% but of course Louis waited until a $15.09 closure before selling. 30% to a break even.

Global Growth #1 sell is ACGL. Bought on November 3rd at $67.91 and sold at $59.34 for arough 10% loss.

Global Growth #2 sell is CPA. Bought on December 29th at $29.73 and sold at $26.04 for another 10% loss.

Well... actually these were some of the best trades from Navellier since many months ago.

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