Monday, February 9, 2009

Louis Navellier and M?

In his latest issue Mr. Navellier writes

M*****C***’s Earnings Top Forecasts
The world’s second-largest credit card network, M*****C*** (M?), said yesterday that its quarterly earnings fell 21% but beat forecasts thanks to increased prices and lower expenses. The global slowdown in consumer spending has taken its toll on MasterCard in the way of fewer transactions. But the price increases helped the company earn $243 million, or $1.87 per share, in the fourth quarter, while analysts had expected $1.61 per share. That’s a 16% earnings surprise! Shares rallied 10% after the announcement, and since last month's issue, the stock is up an incredible 36.4%.

I think the best comment here is a message a reader sent me:

What The Loser forgets to mention is that he first recommended M*****C*** in Apr 2008 with a buy below price of $237. To make it even worst, The Loser never said to sell when MA reached an all time high of $308 in May 2008. Now that the stock is back at $162, he calls it an incredible rise of 36%!!!

I just want to add that Mr. Navellier has M? in portfolio at $208.65, that is much better than the $120 of one month ago, but makes still a loss of 22% for him and his subscribers.

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