Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Louis Navellier and PX

Another lesson of the "Turn 30% gain into15% loss" series is brought to us by Mr. Louis Navellier and his Blue Chip Growth service.
This time we are going to talk about PX.
This stock entered Mr. Navellier's Blue Chip Growth portfolio on September 2007 at a buy price of $72.70.

Praxair (PX): For more than a century, PX has specialized in the international production, sale, and distribution of industrial gases. Besides designing, engineering and building equipment to produce industrial gases, Praxair also supplies surface coatings and powders to aircraft, printing, plastics, metals, textiles and other industries. Praxair Healthcare Services provides upplies to hospitals and the medical homecare business.
In its second quarter, Praxair’s earnings rose to 89 cents per share compared with 75 cents per share in the year-ago quarter. The company also announced a $1 billion share buyback plan and forecasted 2007 sales growth of 10%–12%. Due to the recent boom in aviation and ealthcare, PX’s business will remain healthy and profitable. This company not only cares about bringing in future profits, but also about cleaning up the environment and providing a better health care system to its employees. In 2007, Praxair spent $400,000 to lobby for national hemical security standards and fought again further Medicare cuts. It’s a very good Moderately Aggressive buy below $78.
October 2007
Buy Below $80
November 2007
Buy Below $88
December 2007
Buy Below $87
January 2008
Buy Below $94
February 2008
Buy Below $85
March 2008
Buy Below $87
April 2008
Buy Below $89
May 2008
Buy Below $99
June 2008
Buy Below $102
July 2008
Buy Below $107
August 2008
Buy Below $99
September 2008
Buy Below $96
October 2008
Buy Below $93
November 2008
Buy Below $76
December 2008
Buy Below $62
January 2009
Buy Below $60
February 2009 issue
Our Six Sells For February
This month, I want you to sell Activision (ATVI), CF Industries (CF), Monsanto (MON), Mosaic (MOS), Potash (POT) and Praxair (PX).
January 28th alert
Today, Praxair (PX) offered up its quarterly earnings. That means we will be selling this stock right after the market opens tomorrow, as I instructed you in our February issue of Blue Chip Growth.
Open price on January 29th was $63.09.
That makes a 13% loss for Mr. Navellier.
But think about those who followed him in between June and August 2008 (buy below $102, $107, $99)...

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